21 May, 2014

The future "Centre d'activités Foch" of the general council will be working at the end of 2015

Le futur Centre d'activités Foch du conseil général sera opérationnel à la fin de 2015. - Le Conseil général de Maine-et-Loire a indiqué que son futur siège, situé en plein centre-ville d'Angers, serait opérationnel à la fin de l'année prochaine.  Il convient donc de ne pas perdre de temps. 

Maine&Loire, the monthly magazine of the general council has stated, in its May 2014 issue, that the "Centre d'activités Foch", the future headquarter of the Maine-et-Loire authority, and several of its departments until now scattered over the city, as well as some of its subsidiaries and the Deposits and Consignments Fund (Caisse des dépôts et consignations), will be working "at the end of 2015". That architectural scheme, the most important of the former general council president, Christophe Béchu, represents 7 700 square meters on five floors. The ground floor will host a commercial gallery "in order to help to make more dynamic that strategic location [at the angle of the Foch boulevard and the Saint-Aubin street] of [Angers] downtown" where the Maine-et-Loire assembly has its offices since 1796.

According to the promoters of the idea, it became essential that the route of the tramway does not going along a wall of 100 meters.

The scheme is led by the Angers architect Frédéric Rolland. "On the model of the Loire landscapes, the building is characterized by an fluid architectural design evocative of feelings given by the Loire river scenes where water and vegetable dialog in a endless movement", says M. Rolland. The start of the works was planned for the
beginning of the current year. So there is no time to waste for a completion within less than 20 months. To finance the project, the territorial institution has sold or is selling several real estate properties which didn't match anymore its competences. And those sales would moreover help the general council to lower its debt. The new president of the institution, Christian Gillet, who has followed Christophe Béchu in that office, has also disclosed, that he "wished to emphasize the mutualisation of structures and actvities with other territorial authorities in economy, social, housing and tourism". Something the new Angers mayor, Mr. Béchu, recently suggested in a savings program for Angers city.

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