20 May, 2014

A survey about Angers finances is about to start

Une étude sur les finances d'Angers est sur le point de commencer. - Les élus municipaux prendront connaissance d'ici fin juin des résultats de l'audit financier que le nouveau maire, Christophe Béchu, a lancé conformément à ses engagements au cours de la campagne électorale. L'enjeu est d'abord de réaliser des économies.

The results of the analysis about the Angers city
resources and expenses will be displayed at the town council due to meet on June 30th. That audit was a promise of Christophe Béchu as candidate to mayor office. According to that one, the economic crisis makes necessary a reappraisal of the schemes the previous municipal Angers council planned for the years to come. Among those, there are the second line of the trolley and the design of the Maine banks. During the previous term, the project of a new congress centre had been cancelled and the new swimming pool had also been criticized by some of the most prominent town councillors, among them former deputy-mayors.

After a call for bids, an accounting firm would have been chosen and could start his investigations in the next days. The survey of the financial situation of the city and of his subsidiaries would last a fortnight. Some of the most important isses are the recent evolution of running expenses as well as those of capital expenses and their trends, and the financial ways to finance them (given that the candidate had excluded an increase of taxes) and the debt (but the Angers debt could be relatively low what could not be the case of the Angers Loire Métropole debt). The specialists should also express some advices and unveil some possible rooms for maneuvre. One of those could be some mergers between Angers (and Angers Loire Métropole or even Maine-et-loire) authorities.

The new mayor made it clear : "The conclusions of the audit will guide the original [2015] budget and the several-years capital budget and the savings". The results of the analysis will be disclosed to the leaders of the lists involved in the first round of the municipal elections, then to the city council.

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