19 May, 2014

Andrew Painter's in weightlessness at the Copernic Space

Andrew Painter en apesanteur à l'Espace Copernic.- L'exposition des oeuvres du peintre britannique Andrew Painter, établi à Angers, a été un succès. La plupart de ses étaient vendues le soir même du vernissage. Andrew Painter met en scène des personnages à la fois drôles et fragiles. Le mouvement qui s'en empare les arrache de la réalité. Cette apesanteur a quelque chose de reposant et d'optimiste. 

Andrew Painter, an English artist settled in Angers, exhibited his works dedicated to theatrical and musical sceneries on May 16th within the Copernic space inside the JF Cesbron company headquarter just at the outside of Angers. Vivid colors and excentric characters are the marks of the artist's universe which attracted, with the help of one of his friends, Marie Fichard, a lot of Angers amateurs. The paintings are faithful to Mr. Painter himself : tall and slim, with little glasses and white hair, the English artist relies on his instinct and on his mood to depict scenes inspired by the persons he met or the places he stayed.

The whole gives modern and original pictures where characters are in the same time delicate and innocent. Their lightness looks to be physical (the wind picks some of them in the air) and spiritual at the same time. Andrew Painters' paintings reflect different ages symbolized with the colors he uses. After grey and blue, the most recent are blue and rend. While, previously the artist depicted nude characters, he now displays men and women purely dressed with ties flapping in the air.

Those works have convinced of a lot of people and most of the paintings displayed on that day were sold the same day! There is in Andrew Painter's works, the reminder of the French Follon's characters, a artist very popular at the end of the seventies. Maybe, Andrew Painter is his heir and maybe there is the reason of the success of his works, full of the nostalgia of a time full of hope.

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