26 May, 2014

A bilingual French-English school in Angers next September

Une école bilingue français-anglais ouvre ses portes quai des Carmes dès la rentrée prochaine. Angers la quatrième ville de France dans laquelle les Ecoles internationales bilingues sont actives.  
Ecoles interna-tionales bilingues, a group of primary schools already settled in three towns of the French Riviera, Cagnes, Nice and Pegomas, has recently announced it will open a fourth one in Angers in September 2nd or maybe even before the return of summer holidays. The Ecole internationale bilingue d'Angers will set up on Carmes quay where is currently the restaurant Le Favre d'Anne, due to close for several months from the weeks to come. The school will provide courses taught by 50% in French and by 50% in English to pupils from 2 years old.

Credit : Ecoles internationales bilingues
The school curriculum is acknow-ledged by the French ministry of education and will lead to tests. On every morning, the teacher will be French and on every afternoon pupils will work with another one native from an English speaking country. The school, managed in Angers by Nathalie Paulin, will rent part of the building of the Favre d'Anne (that one will keep its kitchens and the backyard). The fees are 462 euros.

That group is settled in France since 1982. About 600 pupils from different nationalities are registered in the three Southern schools and secondary levels have taken place in Nice. Angers had already English speaking nurseries, library, tea room, food stores and the department of a Us university.

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