11 May, 2014

Angers likers have their website

En quelques semaines, un site internet intitulé "Tu sais que t'es d'Angers quand..." est passé du stade de la petite communauté d'internautes ayant Angers au nombre de leurs centres d'intérêt à celui d'un forum fort de quelque 8,000 membres. Les photos historiques témoignent de la rapide évolution de la ville depuis 1945. Mais également des paysages qu'elle a préservés. 

Proof of the interest current, or former, inhabitants have for Angers, an internet website opened a fortnight ago and titled "Tu sais que t'es d'Angers quand..." ("You know you're native from Angers when...") has gathered more than 8,000 members who all share anecdotes, nice moments around Angers, favorite or cult places and preferred events. The users publish pictures about the city and ask to internauts their reaction.

Even the Courrier de l'Ouest has posted a contribution on the website by the publication of famous or ordinary pictures about the city. One of them show the Molière square completely flooded with a windsurfer in the middle of it! Other pictures are accounts of what the city was formerly. Some of them shows an evolution which is not always favourable. The Saint-Laud railway station was of course smaller formerly but its parking lots were wider... Many other pictures illustrate how much the town has changed.

But the historical pictures are not the unique approach of the website members. Many of them, through their pictures, express their interest, and even their attachment for the city even if, until now, the central theme of the site is not clear and other French cities have similar websites.

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