17 May, 2014

Camille Lepage, at home in Le Bout du Monde

Camille Lepage, chez elle au Bout du monde. - Beaucoup de choses ont été écrites sur Camille Lepage, la jeune photo reporter qui vient de perdre la vie sur une route de Centrafrique. Mais qui était-elle? Sa page Facebook révèle une personnalité courageuse, fidèle et discrète.

Who was Camille Lepage, the young photo reporter killed during an ambush, probably on May 12th, somewhere in Centrafrican republic? Camille had two locations on the web. One, camille-lepage.photoshelter.com in which many of her fantastic professionnal pictures are displayed : powerful and intense. Another one (Camille Lep) in which she depicts her life throughout the world. One day in a remote place in South Sudan. Another day in the core of New York.

Camille Lepage, 2nd row, 4th from the right
Camille indicates Juba, South Sudan as her permanent adress. She reported the birth of that new state which emerged after a long and crual civil war with Sudan. Most of her pictures are about Africa. Only one was shot in New York during a walk in the streets. People are in front of her in the middle of smoke as if they were travelling in an urban jungle. In other pictures, Camille is portrayed, in the dark at the end of the day or in the middle of a room, only lighted by a candle as if she didn't want to be the character of the picture.

In spite of the dangers around her, Camille thought to her friends in Europe. A few days ago, she took time to advice her Paris followers to visit a pictures exhibition. Many tributes have been written in that page which still be, for a long time, still in love with the photos of Camille. A tribute will be paid next Monday at 12.00 am on the Bout du monde walk.

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