19 May, 2014

Camille at the top of the page

De nombreux Angevins et des responsables politiques se sont rassemblés le 19 mai promenade du Bout du monde pour rendre hommage à Camille Lepage, photo reporter angevine qui, a récemment perdu la vie en République centrafricaine et ont écouté sa mère parler d'elle.

Hundreds of Angers inhabitants paid tribute on May 19th in the Bout du monde walk to Camille Lepage, the city born photo journalist killed in a fight between guerillas in Centrafrican republic a few days ago. All, and among them several Angers and surroundings representatives, like the mayor, Christophe Béchu, listened to Camille's mother, Maryvonne Lepage, to talk them about her daughter. "Camille was a sparkling girl. She loved to laugh with friends whatever be the location. She loved life", said Mrs Lepage who also disclosed a much more serious quality of her daughter : "her involvement, her will to go in places where medias are not very present".

This is maybe one of the reasons Angers people were eager to show solidarity with Mrs Lepage and her family because the young Camille (she was 26 years old) choose to display as it is said in an American movie, "Harrison's flower", the "vileness and idiocy of human behaviour" and the division of people between "those who closely experienced a war and the others, who didn't". A minute of applause followed Mrs Lepage's statements and the numerous attendants wrote a message in a book set up under a picture of Camille. After the French president came to bow in front Camille Lepage's body, a religious service will take place at Saint-Maurice cathedral on May 20th at 10.00 am. 

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