01 April, 2013

The Angers dead city on April 1st isn't a joke

On April 1st, no working day, but sunny day, even if a little bit windy, in Ralliement square all the terraces West positioned were full of people, eager to benefit of the first sun beams. Those comfortably seated on armchairs and around tables were not only the first clue of the coming (?) spring but, paradoxically, the symbol of how the city is alive when stores are working. 

In the nearby deserted streets, a few people were walking along closed front windows, hands in the pockets, and money in the wallets (?). In the neighbouring ways, the cafes terraces are also the only point of animation and all are full of (young) people.

Angers, like many others many French cities, deserves, even more during Sundays and other no woerkig days, that qualifying term of provincial while many stores in Paris stays opened on that day (Many stores are opened in London during ordinary weekend, may notice Angers tourists who stay there for a few days).

The persons seated on Ralliement square saw the new trolley running empty of people. But why should the Angers inhabitants travel in down town on April 1st when there is nothing to do? On that Monday which is France the day for April fool's joke, even city council had not promised that, from now on, Angers stores would run on Sundays! What a pity.

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