13 April, 2013

An American company performs the "theatre of war" at Jean Vilar

The "theatre of operations", the United states led in Irak a few years ago was the setting of two short stories, "The last stand" and "Gold star", both of them staging the thoughts of women of soldiers gone to war, and performed, in English,  on April 12, at the Jean Vilar theatre, by an american company. That one, the Word for word performing arts company, "believes in the power of the short story to provide solace, compassion and insight into our daily lives". All the stories have in common the will of husbands and wives to grasp to their own families, those endangered of splitting because of 
the  war.

The Word for word company, settled in San-Fran-cisco, was invited in Angers by the English language library and the Centre JeanVilar. The performance gathered, in spite of the language barrier, a numerous audience, for the tiny Jean Vilar hall mainly English speaking Angevins, native of an English speaking country or in charge of teaching English in Angers schools and universities. 

 This is maybe  the main regret such an event may inspire : the absence of Angers youngs studying English. Such an event would have been, because of the diction of the actors, a very good exercise for them during the following weekend. The Word for word company play would also deserve to be part of one of the next Festival d'Anjou(Credit Picture : Word for Word on www. zspace.org)

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