25 April, 2013

Angers local economy on a skating rink

The simultaneity of the construction of an ice skating rink near the new AquaVita swimming facility due to open at the end of the current year in the Verneau district is surely a good news for the hockey team Ducs d'Anjou supporters and for the building companies but it raises questions about what is really important for Angers since a few years. Recently it has been said in local medias that an integration company, whose purpose was to get work for very low income people was experiencing troubles because many orders were now sent by local customers to similar companies located abroad.

After technicolor Angers employees who have faced the closure of their company last year because the production is now given to Vietnamese workers, after the closure of Valeo alternators, due to be implemented in the months to come because the workload will be sent to Poland, and so many other cases, Angers city does not seem to realize its economy has loosen an important part of its competitiveness. And all those, probably legitimate new facilities, give the feeling leisure has priority over work.
 It is sure the room for manoeuvre of the city is narrow but that one does not express an economic policy as well as a social policy. The allocations granted to economic development by Angers city have soared in its latest budget to € 7.3 millions. But those dedicated to sports and leisures totalize € 12.9 millions. Angers has a young population which, within a few years, will need money, so work, to finance its sports and leisure time.

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