26 April, 2013

Severe increase of joblessness in the Angers agglomeration on over the last 12 months

As the national trend, the unemployment rate has severely increased during between February 2012 and February 2013 in Angers and in Maine-et-Loire. At the end of February, 15 727 job seekers were count. The increase is 13.7% on one year. If we ad the others groups of unemployed persons, the overal number goes over 24 000 persons, i.e. about 12% in a single year. 

Credit Picture : Helpline
Already worrying, the figures are in Maine et Loire, well above the national pace of increase : 3.8% in March in Maine-et-Loire compared to 1.2% in France as a whole. The rate of joblessness in Angers Loire Métreople is very close to the national one : 9;7% vs. 9.9%. According to the barometer published by La Maison de l'Emploi (Angers), the numbers of  new companies or companies takeover has decreased. And the volume of credits granted by banks looks to stagnate on the last twelve months. 

Hopefully, those bad news are (a little bit) offset by the recruitments announced by Helpline, a remote computer assistance company which arrived in Angers four years ago and started to run with 20 employees, while they are 180 today and about 230 within the twelve next months. Angers city should give a call to Helpline for jobs.

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