05 April, 2013

Hosting Austin for an enlarged twinning

The twinning policy of Angers is speeding up. In only three years, the links between Angers and Austin, the Texas capital, are getting wider and are inspiring new ideas for the capital of Anjou. "The exchange of students, inovation, culture, music [are] carriers of economic links", pointed out a few days ago Frédéric Béatse, Angers mayor, welcoming an Austin delegation after a local one was hosted a few months ago to the South by Southwest, a music festival which takes place every spring at Austin.

Because Angers would to overcome the current economic difficulties, the Angers representatives would to enlarge the twinning with Austin to new fields : "green economy, food, health". The Texas capital is considered to be a major centre for high tech with numerous companies Angers would love to get only a sample : Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Xerox... 

 But is Austin looking for the same? It is not (yet?) sure. If one member of the Austin delegation said that the texas capital is envious of the Angers tramway (the Us city has already one trolley) and of the pedestrian streets, no businessman was travelling too. After the visit to Södertälje, the capital of Scania in Sweden, Angers city should conceive a strategy aiming at driving activity and jobs from others Western countires. Angers Loire Valley could be helpful for that purpose.

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