19 April, 2013

Angers lighting policy is not clear

The change is not visible and even, from a specific point of view, clarifying. In some Angers boulevards or avenues, streets lamps are now lighted up one out of two from 10 pm to 06 am. The problem is now, some zones of the streets are in the dark because the streets lamps were set up face to face and not in staggered rows. That is helpful to save up money but the reduction of the number of lighted lamps during nights may make more unsafe the streets of the city for people coming back home, early (what is not an offense). 

Maybe the city should replace few by few (given the financial constraints) the old electrical street lamps by solar systems which catch their energy on days and use it during nights. Moreover, with the lengthening od days recently, it would be wiser to switch them until 10.00 pm and from 06.00 am, because there is light at those hours during the four or five months to come.

In that field, would it not be possible to save up money through a decrease of the number and of the time the illuminations of public buildings? Angers city took part to a special event dedicated to the savings of energy for environmental purposes. That should lead to think what lights are useful or useless at night. such a debate would be clarifying.

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