03 April, 2013

SpeakyPlanet : play in English

Angers is still attracted by English language. SpeakyPlanet, created at the end of 2011 in Angers, is taking its place among the institutions dispensing lectures of English to inhabitants. The originality of  SpeakyPlanet is its customers : the children from 7 years old. The method is simple. Instead of waiting the college to learn Englis, the subscribers of the website have only... to play. "Playing our games, your children will be immersed in the heart of a funny and interactive world where they will learn English in fun", writes the SpeakyPlanet website.

After a first year, the little company has seven employees and works with indepe
ndant English teachers and illustrators conceive the games dedicated to French pupils from the preliminary class to the 5th at college. the vocabulary SpeakyPlanet is teaching is the most usual in order to be useful for children, what doesn't eliminate the interest to attend English lectures at school or college.

More than 3 500 subcribers play in and with English and the figure has rose since January mainly in French speaking countries, says the founders of the company. Numerous institutions teach English in Angers which, few by few, is renewing its former links with its English past.

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