09 April, 2013

Angers pedestrians : keep of the grass!

Credit Picture : Iris
Angers city takes care of its image through the maintenance of numerous green spaces and flower beds along the streets and at the roundabouts. That was visible during the last days on Saint-Michel boulevard where an olde line of shrubs has been taken away and replaced by by rows of new little plants. 

The green lane in the middle of the way has been totally changed : new paths among the flowers allow the pedestrians to cross the street avoiding they walk on the flowers. A little fence has even been erected to lead the people to the paths. But these do not care. They put their feet on the new green lane, without any care for the work of tow hall employees, visibly got used to such behaviours. 

Packaging papers and cigarette buts are thrown away by the car drivers. Are such works useful for people who don't pay respect, even attention, for those improvements. Those are costs for Angers city and its (impoverished) inhabitants? Maybz town hall is going to far in such gardenings tasks, pedestrians walk on?

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