20 April, 2013

At the English speaking library : spring books

Books were "for sale" at the English Speaking Library of Angers on April 20th. But, above all, a British atmosphere was to breathe all day long throughout the rows and the shelves of the place among members, French or foreigners, of the English speaking Angers community. At the entrance of the library, a lady fond of vegetables and flowers offered, for a few pennies, sorry, cents, Narcissus and a large variety ot young tomato plants.
A little bit further, tea, coffee and English or Us pastries were to eat before, or after, a dive into the books collections set up on tables. An ordering of those would have been appropriate for visitors, but, at the same time, that made the visit a little bit longer. The English Speaking Library looks to be more a place of rally of foreigners, most of them nervetheless settled in Angers for a long time and apprently happy to be there.

The institution will soon start its third decade and, ins spite of the difficult economic situation, has still the confidence of the public and the enthusiasm of its members. In its last annual geneal meeting, on April 3rd, the members learnt the 2012 fiscal year saw the strenghening of the library throughout associative indicators : the number of members, stable (1 839), but an important  increase of native French speaking members, probably because of the enlargement of the services to new parts of Maine-et-Loire. The English events planned by the institutions are an important part of its success.

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