16 April, 2013

Angers airport : ready to take off with... buses

The implementation of a new service of buses - and above all - free between the Marcé Airport and Angers city should benefit to the running of that facility. Till now, the lines hve operated only temporarily and have not lived more than a single year. But, maybe the problem was not to take off from Marcé, but, more simply, to go to Marcé! In fact the airport needs planes, but the plane need buses.

Pictures : Google and Angers Marcé Airport
Located "in the middle of nowhere", about 20 km North-East of Angers, the facility, which survives only thanks to allocations from the city and the Maine-et-Loire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is completely isolated. It was said that when the first flight of the British Airways subsidiary arrived from London at Marcé, everything was ok to welcome the first passengers except the means to go from there to Angers!

That case illustrates, once again, the need of the city to work more globally about its offer to business or leisure tourists.
Self proclamations are not sufficient to convince customers. Angers should think about that case to take benefit of the future Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport, it that one survives to the current demonstrations.

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