22 April, 2013

Notre-Dame des Landes and Angers Loire Aéroport at a turning point

The issue of airports is still in the daily news of Angers inhabitants. While, Angers Marcé airport opened that week its flights towards Tunis, at the same time, opponents to the project of the Notre-Dame des Landes airport project carried on their opposition to the scheme. Some of them were distributing leaflets to the passer-by walking throughout the open air market. Others were gathered in down town to send their election card back to city hall.

The conjunction of these two facts illustrate the difference the inhabitants do between a little airport whose difficulties demonstrate Angers is rather few opened toward the international world and, at the same time, the fact they consider a new international airport in the Western France is something useless. Would the Angers Marcé airport, which has already the worst difficulties to survive, resist to the
competition of the future Notre-Dame-des-Landes scheme?

The success of the new lines opened in 2013 would be a turning point of the history of the facility, until now introduced as something rather suited to the business travels and not the holidays travels. After years of dificulties, Angers city and the Angers Marcé airport decided to open a free bus line for travellers comin or going to the airport. Let them do the balance of the try. After, they shall decide... [Credit Pictures : Angers Loire Aéroport and Wikipedia]

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