10 April, 2013

Angers 2014 ballots : the opponents on sport fields

Credit Picture : Ducs d'Angers
The successes of the ice hockey Ducs d'Angers have recently triggered a demand from the city council minority to build a new ice rink. These representatives say that the current facility, located in Haras street, is old fashioned and too small for a club which should play in a higher division next year. If such an idea is visibly designed to increase pressure on the Angers majority council one year before the 2014 municipal ballots, it could also backlash against the current minority in case of its victory on next elections.

Credit Picture : Wikipedia
In fact, the Ducs d'Angers would not be the single club to ask for a new stadium. The soccer club Angers Sco is currently well ranked and could play in the first league in the 2013-2014 sporty year. But, in that case, the cost of the stadium would be much more important than a ice rink. Such a project, launched during the former campaign, could resurface. But the economic situation of Angers has worsened since 2008.

Credit Picture : Angers city
Now, the mood in cities like Angers is rather for savings. In its 2013 budget, the town has, wisely, strenghened its support towards economy, whose decline has severely damaged inhabitants way of life. So, after the launch of AcquaVita, the new swimming pool facility, it is not sure Angers interest is to dive in additional sports and leisures expenses.

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