17 April, 2013

The Angers city council "live" transmission could become lively in the months to come

A new functionnality making possible to watch "in live" the meetings of the city council is available on the Angers website. Apparently, the first broadcasting was dedicated to the April 17th meeting. If the town councillors have the idea to watch, like a simple viewer, their own performance, it is sure they will have the idea to work  their communication. Some look shy, others seems to be comfortable with the new tool the website has implemented.

On the last meeting, a part of the debate was focused on the ice-skating rink the members of the majority side want to study now. That triggered critics from the minority which said that it will be difficult to finance, on the year to come a new swimming pool, a new ice-skating rink and a new stadium. The live transmission of the debates within the council could probably stimulate the confrontations between the right (minority) and the left (majority) just one year before the next municipal ballots.

The live transmission could become more and more lively as we go along the next election year and the issues be discussed much more agressively even if it is not sure their clarity will be increased. In fact, one of the dangers of such live transmission would be to transpose in a local assembly the national positions.

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