15 April, 2013

Another industrial production has left Angers.

After the Technicolor disappearance a few months ago, Angers is loosing another industrial company. One of the two factories of Valeo, an automobile parts manufacturer, settled near La Roseraie district since the 70', will silently join the other one, much more important, located in Ecouflant. While about 400 persons worked there until a few years ago, only 86 of there are still in place and will go to Ecouflant next year.

That factory, which ultimately produced alternators, has lost that work which was re-located, by Valeo, because of lower costs, in Poland. The sharing of the time work implemented in France more than 15 years ago, has still undoreseen, and probably bitter, consequences.
Credit Pictures: Valeo

Because the arrival in Angers of major companies recruiting instantaneously hundreds of employees is unlikely, the city would be well advised to carefully consider how it could get more economic attractiveness. for years, the city, has paid attention to the improvement of its inhabitants way of life. It should also look to the necessary conditions the small and medium companies currently settled in Angers need to only survive.

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