31 March, 2013

Angers Loire Métropole budget : a single keyword and two key figures

If the support to the local economy is the keyword of the 2013 budget of Angers Loire Métropole passed on March 14, the key figure is its overall amount, € 330 millions vs. € 349 millions one year before, i.e. -5%. The financial means of Angers Loire Métropole in 2013 doesn't exceed those of... 2007, six years ago. It looks likely that the economic crisis required that adjustment. And it is wise the members of Alm choose that way.

The preservation of the Angers territory competi-tiveness is, for sure, the other major charac-teristic of the 2013 budget. With € 89 millions for invest-ments, Angers Loire Métropole increase the figure by 35% compared to 2012 (around € 66 millions). "That budget [has been] conceived as a fighting one", said the president of the territorial authority, Jean-Claude Antonini, who pointed out the top priorities : "The economy, the employment and the purchasing power of Angers inhabitants". 

One of the most important decision was the takeover of the former site of Technicolor. Angers Loire Métropole wants to keep it its industrial mission but, until now, no industrial project has been identified to fill that vacuum. The members of Alm look to consider that the fiscal pression has already raised its max. The recovery will not go through the Angevins pockets. 

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