27 April, 2013

France students in Shanghaï university during François Hollande visit were "out of the questions"

Apparently, the quick travel of president François Hollande in China will not leave an imperishable souvenir to French students staying in Shanghaï. On April 26, the president celebrated the inauguration of the Engineers Paris Tech-Shanghaï Jiao Tong and met there young fellow citizens following the cursus in that school. One of the students present that day, Julian, has studied in Angers and didn't got the opportunity to ask a question to Mr Hollande.

Credit Picture : Elysée
"Only Chinese students had the right to talk to the French president. Moreover, all the questions were overseen by the France consulate in Shanghaï before", deplores the Angevin who would have love to know why French students in China or everywhere else don't get the same housing allocations their Chinese or foreign fellow students benefit when they are themselves in France for a few months... It would have been appropriate for the French president to talk a few minutes to the students France sent there several months ago and for several months to come even if Shanghaï was called the "Paris of the East" as Mr Hollande pointed out.

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