28 April, 2013

The failure of the primaries supporter : a signal that policy is not the current priority of Angers inhabitants

Consecutively to the rejection, by the Angers Socialist supporters of primaries inside the left side for the choice of a candidate for the municipal ballots of 2014, Jean-Luc Rotureau, decided to withraw, at least temporarily, from the Socialist party. Was it right? His own press release brings a doubt about that. If the adversaries of open primaries (114 persons...) got the majority, the voters were 159... While more than 9 000 Angers inhabitants took part of the choice for the former presidential elections...

Credit Picture : http://www.rotureau.fr
There is something which puts ill at ease. What is the meaning of such a narrow electoral college? But above all, what level of interest Angers inhabitants have to local elections, in spite of the efforts the Angers majority council do for the citizens participation?  In comparison to the difficulties Angers inhabitants face in their daliy life, that campaign for a political choice did not interested many people. 

Maybe Mr Rotureau should have done differently : a platform first (projects, analysis of the balance of the municipal team) then a campaign about his candidacy. The other candidates didn't do the same mistake. Both Frédéric Béatse and Christophe Béchu didn't unveil their intentions, even if these will certainly be candidate. Now Mr Rotureau has no other choice than to be an additional force of another candidate. He probably lost the chance to be a candidate himself.

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