05 February, 2011

The King's speech on Angers screens

Two cinemas of Angers, Les 400 coups and the Gaumont Multiplexe, show from the begining of february the archetypal English movie : "The king's speech", which tells the story of King George VI, who had to overcome a debilitating stammer to instill confidence in a nation at war.If the movie is dubbed in French, some of the screenings are in English and so translate more accurately the voices and, thus, the tempers of the characters.

The King's speech is so an historital drama. Directed by the English Tom Hooper, the film won the 2010 Toronto International Film festival People's Choice Award  and has been nominated for twelve Academy Awards nominations, including best picture, actor, director and original screenplay, supporting actress and supporting actor. The King and Queen parts are played by two English actors. the part of the Australian speech therapist is interpretated by an Aussie.

The movie has been criticized in France as the "latest manifestation of British narcissism" summarised as "We are ugly and boring, but, By Jove!, we have good reason!".

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