10 February, 2011

Hundreds of managers gather in Angers to think about the sense of working

Several hundreds of young managers gathered on february 8th at the Angers congress center in order to dicover why people work? "Why do I work" was the issue of an evening planned by the Centre des jeunes dirigeants d'entreprise who invited a former trade union leader, now manager, Nicole Notat, a philosopher, André Comte-Sponville and a member of the French Académie, Erik Orsenna.

The work of managers will become more and more complicated, warns André Comte-Sponville, because their task "is to make work people who consider the work as a burden". The solution could come from a desecretion of the work because "work is not, and never was, a value". But the work has a cost and it has to give sense to life. According to Nicole Notat, the managers will have to worry about issues which are not the first goal of the business, the profit, because the profit is endangered if the company doesn't pays attention to issues for which the people they make working are worried. And according to the author, Erik Orsenna, it's important "to take pleasure in work".

Founded before the second world war, the Cjd is a non profit making organization which goal is to help young businessmen to develop their skills in management.

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