23 February, 2011

Angers pays tribute to the English illustrator Quentin Blake

"Visits surprinsingly odd and fond of food" in the universe of the English drawer, Quentin Blake, took place last february 19th at the municipal library, Toussaint street, of Angers. That event forms a part of a serie of tributes paid to this "internationally recognised British author and illustrator" by Angers city and untitled "Quentin Blake and the ages of life". In addition to the Saint-Nicolas and Toussaint municipal libraries, the English Language Library in Angers, the town departments, the 400 Coups cinema and the Luciole library joined forces to allow inhabitants to dive in Blake's universe.

Quentin Blake, whose works decorate the new hall of the maternity hospital, wrote and illustrated more than 200 books and among them, those of Roald Dahl's children's titles ("Fantastic Mr Fox" and the famous "Charlie and the chocolate factory").

Interviewed about the interest of Angers to his work, regarding the exhibition of his paintings in the hospital, Quentin Blake said "it was a surprise for me, I never did it before. That is something new and intense". About the present program of exhibits, "it makes me feel that I am revisiting my life. It's quite fascinating to see books have their own life".

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