19 February, 2011

Morning fog in Angers city

Sign of a milder weather, the city of Angers was envelopped on february 18th of a thick fog on the first hours of the day. While those are getting longer, the mist darkened the streets, making the traffic a little bit slow. In spite of that limited eyesight, the perspective was unusual : ghostly shadows of the trees which branches disappearing in the fog and invisible pedestrians, more cautious than usual for crossing the ways.

Though, that presence of mist in town is not so rare. According to climatic datas, Angers is wrapped with fog 43 days per year (when the national average is 40 days annually). That is explained by the location of the city at the limit of oceanic and continental climates, but also by the presence of many rivers, the Maine, but also the Mayenne, the Sarthe and the Brionneau along with natural and artificial lakes.

That could lead the city to rule more strictly the traffic because pedestrians, bikes, cars, cabs and buses will be next to the new cable car. One of the main difference with England is the lack of discipline of the first who cross the ways out of the zebra crossing or do so in spite of opposite lighting signals, because they have the false impression they are seen.  Some progress have to be realized in the years to come.

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