25 February, 2011

The Maison pour tous of Monplaisir could host, against its will, the humourist Dieudonné

Credit : Maison pour tous de Monplaisir
The Maison pour tous of the Monplaisir district is angry. If the court of Angers doesn't cancel its contract with Phone Mobile, a Nantes company which booked its auditorium on april 20th, the Mpt, which plans educative and cultural programs for a wide public, will host Dieudonné, a humorist accused of anti-semitic comments.

The case starts when the Maison pour tous receives an offer from Phone Mobile to rent the auditorium for a one man show in order to reward its customers. The Mpt signs a contract where only the title of the show had to be precised, and not the name of the artist. The title of the show is "Mahmoud". Moreover, the show Mpt thought it was private and free was in fact paying and public! "We have been deceived", claims the board of the Mpt.

Credit : Wikipedia
Above the juridical case, principles are at stake, on one side and another. For the Mpt, the arrival of a person sentenced for anti-semitic purposes is at the opposite of its mission. But on the side of Dieudonné, and if the contract is legal, the Mpt can be criticized ot a restriction to the freedom of expression. About the title of the show "Mahmoud", it is an allusion to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the iranian president Dieudonné met. And that Mahmoud is a reference in anti-semistism.

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