22 February, 2011

The requests of social housing decrease in Angers

Credit  : www.lepuzzle.angers.fr
 According to corroborating informations, the demand of social housing would be in sharp decline in Angers and surroundings. The city experimented a strong demand during the second half of the past decade due to the programms of urban renovation which led to destructions of buildings and rehousing of families in others. But the situation is not quite the same in 2011. The growth of rented accommodations in town, due to fiscal advantages, compete with the offer of social institutions which faces a change in the "market".

Many of the requests of social housing are not older than a month while a law, dedicated to prevent too long waiting list, is unforceable... because there are no complains. And in many social institutions around the city, there is often no more than a request for a single flat. So it could be time for the city to slow down constructions of social housing instead of keeping the same pace.

Credit : Wikipedia
If that is not bad for the building and civil engineering economy (where there is no delocalisation and which gives work), the real estate agencies, the individuals investors as well as social housing institutions could experiment some difficulties to rent their properties. It would be most useful to change the rules of the social renting by compelling the future tenants not to stay longer than a number of years (5?) in the same flat. If many low-income houseolds wish to live in an individual house, some of the tenants of those houses lives there for years. Is that fair?

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