18 February, 2011

"Angers Loire Valley" : "y" to change?

Is the capital of Anjou get back in touch with its English heritage? Angers Loire métropole introduced on Februaru 15th a new name designed to overcome an identity deficit. According to surveys, many tourists and businessmen don't know where Angers is in France. So the Angers Loire Métropole council decided "to build a new image which has broken away with the former", said Daniel Loiseau, who unveiled that new denomination : "Angers Loire Valley".

Credit pictures : Wikipedia
The brand is perfectly understandable by inhabitants of Angers who, most of them, are not at ease in English. Moreover, it gives to the city an international aspect. The more interesting is this name is the result of a poll luauched in 2009 with inhabitants, tourists and people contributing to the development of the province. The goal of Angers Loire Valley is simple : "to enlarge the visibility and the influence of the metropole".

While English appears as something which is no longer ignored by the public institutions entrustred with the future of the province, curiously, medias coverage didn't point out that aspect. Tough the new brand  was introduced, and apparently welcome with interest, by local businessmen gathered for the opening of the event : "Made in Angers"...

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