13 February, 2011

The Angers press points out the efforts of youngs and elders to speak English

The local press, through Le Courrier de l'Ouest, dedicated, within a few weeks, two coverages about the learning of English in Angers. At the beginning of the current month, an article described the choices of retired inhabitants to get back to English for leisure purposes like travels or/and as a way to keep intellectual rythm and fight even the Alzeimer disease.

Recently, the press gave attention to the youngests, children from 3 to 5 years old whose parents decided they would attend English courses at the English-Language Library in Angers. That interest for English is becoming more common in the city as in France. For the current year, the Municipal Institute of Angers announced it had to increase the number of courses because the increase of the demand. In both cases, the learners have the same wish : to speak fluently English as soon as possible.

There is a contast in Angers (as in many cities in France) between the presence of written English and the practice of spoken English. In the first case, pedestrians in down town can face many ads in English or many stores which commercial names are in English. In fact, people express a desire of more proximity with the English world they don't get with French television. On the same newspaper, the head of English studies in the Western Catholic University criticizes appropriately the scarce diffusion of English speaking movies in tv programms that makes difficult to viewers to hear and understand English.

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