24 February, 2011

With the Angers "VéloCité +" consistency steps back

Under the title "The bike is winning ground in town", Angers Loire métropole (Alm) introduced in its monthly magazine a new rental service of hire bikes "VéloCité+". If that new opportunity looks like the "Vélib" system implemented in Paris, it is in fact very different. In Angers, a tourist, or any person coming in town for professional reason, has to pay the rent.

Although the system is logical, it is nevertheless in complete illogical with "VeloCité", the usual system implemented in Angers. Unlike "VéloCité+", "VéloCité" allows all person living in Angers (even if she doesn'pay taxes there) to get a bike for a year and... for free. So, while a visitor coming in town for business or leisure purpose - and fueling money in Angers - is charged for hiring bike, residents, whatever taxpayer or not, inhabitants or simply temporary resident have at their disposal bike up to one year without beeing charged! The system works upside down!

Moreover, if the title af the article gives to undestand that more and more person are using bikes in town, Alm precise in the text that "7% only of students of Saint-Serge campus, in Angers, use bikes for their daily trips"... If "Bike is winning ground in town", good sense steps back!

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