14 February, 2011

The Lorraine square under works

After the low part of the Mail gardens and the car park of Maréchal Leclerc square, it's up to Lorraine square to be renovated. Construction vehicles have take possession of the place since the beginning of february. The  pavement has been removed and the trees uprooted. Presently, the Lorraine square shows a devastated face as if a bomb were dropped there.

If the works in the Mail gardens were linked from the disease of the trees, it's not the case in Lorraine square. The place is closed, so a repositioning of the bus stops and a change in the traffic ways could be planned because of the cable car which will be in working order within a few months. Presently, that little square has numerous functions : it helps public transports, car traffic and pedestrians. It's may be too much.

According to the scheme published by town hall, these functions could not change because the Lorraine square  is due to keep an access for residents, to increase the parking lots and to facilitate the traffic of pedestrians and bikers. These future functions yet exist. So the materials used for that renovation will have to be of high quality in order to make the square fit with the surroundings.

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