26 February, 2011

The Sco, field of coming municipal fights

The next session of Angers municipal council on the evening of february 28th will be "sporty". Majority and minority will fight about the attitude of tow hall departments regarding the financing of the soccer club Angers Sco. In may 2010, town hall granted 1,2 million € which part of it is a 500 000 € loan. At that time, majority and minority voted in favor of the help but splitted about the measures to implement in order to control the club. And one of the members of the minority even demanded "A close monitoring for [2011]".

Laurent Gérault, head of minority critics Michel Houdbine, deputy-mayor in charge of sports, for not have exerted the prerogatives provided to town hall by the agreement between the city and the club, disclosed by medias : the presentation of the financial reports written by the chartered accountants and the realization of an audit of the club accounts.

The answer of the majority looks clumsy. Michel Houdbine replied that Angers "was the only local authority to have constituted a monitoring committee" what the Conseil général didn't do. But for what results? The critics from the majority to the opposition doesn' elude its own shortcomings.

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