02 February, 2011

The anglophone Nelson Mandela will give its name to an Angers new educational estate

An English speaking leader of the 20th century will give his name to the future educational institution which construction is due to start on february 17th in Angers. Nelson Mandela, former 1st president of South Africa, who spent the most part of his lifetime in jail because of his opposition to apartheid, will so be the denomination of that new building.

The educational equipment, located in the new district Les Capucins, will host 15 classes on which six will be nursery classes and nine elementary classes. The inhabitants will also have access to a library, a day-nursery and a leisure center for very young children. The educational estate will be surrounded by 10 000 flats and houses and served by the street-car.

The Nelson-Mandela estate will be working on september of 2012. According to town hall, the library will shelter high tech medias in order to familiarize the users to new technologies.
Nelson Mandela is not the unique anglophone personality to give one's name to a place in Angers. Several of the streets of Angers city new districts bear Englicized family names.

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