23 January, 2014

Valérie Trierweilers, the Angevine partner of the French president says she "will stand by her man"

Valérie Trierweiller ne veut pas quitter son compagnon, ni son "statut'" de première dame. La rélation par celui-ci de sa liaison avec une actrice l'a mise dans une violente colère. Elle ne veut pas être rejetée d'une manière qui ne serait pas élégante. 

She doesn't want to give up. Valérie Trierweiler, the Angevine "girl friend", so nicknamed by the Us tv channel Cnn, of the French president, François Hollande, would not be ready to abandon her "status" of first lady, neither his partner. That one, who was due to recognized he had an affair with an actress, prompted a violent shock to Mrs. Trierweiler thereafter sent to hospital, then to the La Lanterne pavilion for a rest. It was even said that the revelation of that liaison would have triggered a fit of anger from Mrs. Trierweiler in the office of the president.

Now the patient would be ready to forgive the president of whom she shares the life for ten years. She would not have abandoned the idea to go to the United States and the White House to see the american president. But the Angevine partner of Mr. Hollande would not be ready to be thrown away anyhow and that would have refused to give her consent to a press release which would have officialized the presidential couple split up. But Mr. Holland announced during his last week news conference that he would "make a statement" before his trip to Washington. That would be done by early next week.

A rumor said that, during her interview with Mr. Hollande, Mrs Trierweiler would have wrescked some furnitures in a fit of revenge, what has been " categorically denied" by the government"s property agency. Nevertheless the dispute would have been real. It is said that Mr. Hollande would eventually choose to stay in the Elysée palace as single until the end of his term so as to avoid further scandals. Angevines apparently have temper.

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