31 January, 2014

Frédéric Béatse and his running mates launch their campaign

Frédéric Béatse a officiellement lancé sa campagne le 30 janvier par la présentation de ses co-listiers devant plus de 1 000 personnes réunies au centre de congrès et en publiant ses engagements sur son site de Aimer Angers. Au nombre de ceux-ci figure celui d'un étalement dans le temps de la réalisation des grands projets tels que la seconde ligne de tramway et Angers Rives Nouvelles. Il répond ainsi implicitement à ceux qui pointent le doigt sur la soutenabilité des investissements. Mais M. Béatse ne veut pas céder au pessimisme. 

Frédéric Béatse officially launched on January 30th his electoral campaign to conquer the Angers mayor Aimer Angers, were already convinced that the main goals of his next term, "the stimulation of the local economy and employment as well as the visibility and the attractiveness of the town from outside", on one side, "the strengthening of solidarity between inhabitants" on the other.
office and to win Angevins' hearts. That start was rather a success. After the left main challenger, Christophe Béchu, presented his running mates at the Chanzy theatre a few days ago, the socialist candidate and current mayor, choose the congress centre to introduce his running mates and his programme and filled the hall. About 1 200 persons, many of them with the pink scarf, color of his list

That meeting was important given that Mr. Béatse's candidacy could have recently been weakened by the critics from the deputy-mayor about the ability of the town to finance numerous projects in the next term. But he counter attacked : "the project does not give in to pessimism. Some say that we should not do more, that we should to content ourselves with very little. Those are running  in a depressive mood because they don't live in Angers", a clear critic against, mainly, Mr. Béchu. In his introduction, the previous mayor, Jean-Claude Antonini toughly hurted Jean-Luc Rotureau, himself former deputy-mayor whod has criticized the conditions of Mr. Béatse's election. "That vote wasn't a putsch, it was legitimate unlike another embittered and bad loser candidate suggested it".

The candidate also published on the website his campaign Aimer Angers a booklet about his commitiments in which some of them are new : to lift Angers as "the world capital of vegetal" and to set up a Angers center for international relations, to built 5 000 new homes and to change the organization of the railway station district, to settle a delegate in charge of the man-woman equality, to deploy the municipal police in all Angers districts, to settle a cultural facility in the former Les Variétés cinema, to launch a festival of contemporary musics in 2015 as well as a children's day.The candidate also promised that he will not raise local tax rates and, last but no least, committed himself to spread out over time major projects like the second tramway line, and the Angers New Banks settlement.

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