04 January, 2014

The encouragements to register on the electoral roll for municipal elections have borne fruits

Apparently, the 2014 municipal elections are interesting Angers inhabitants. More than 8 130 persons have registered themselves on the electoral roll before December 31st, while 7 130 have did the same process in 2007 for the previous municipal elections. This is an important satisfaction for the candidates who encouraged electors to do so. This result - around 1 000 additional electors - is especially important because the Angers population has decreased during the late years. Among those 8 130 registrations, around 6 000 are due to persons who are going to vote for the first time.

All the candidates, whatever be their political trend, had stressed the importance of the municipal ballot and their message has been received. This could be due to the interest of Angevins for the fate of their town. The differences they notice between the plaforms : some projects will be implemented with diverging ways according to candidates. This is specifically true with the Maine banks settlement and the second tramway line. The economic situation the city experienced during the late years, even if the current majority of town council is not responsible of it, could be one of the reasons of such an interest. There are a lot of issues which may led the voters to consider those elections will be a turning point for the city, not only because they have choice between left and right, but also because, beyond left and right, for left and right candidates, the background has changed from past to present.

These figures do not presume of the rate of participation.For the first round of the municipal elections, about 59% of the persons registered on the electoral roll had voted. They were 63% on the second round.

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