26 January, 2014

Angers has not anymore its first lady

Angers a perdu "sa première dame" de France avec sa séparation officialisée le 25 janvier par François Hollande, président de la république. Celle-ci, qui ne reviendra pas à l'Elysée, a refusé de cosigner le communiqué de presse mettant fin à sept ans de vie commune. Si des conditions financières ont été conclues, si Valérie Trierweiller habitera l'appartement privé de François Hollande, si elle retrouvera ses chroniques à Paris-Match, une nouvelle vie commence néanmoins pour elle. Ainsi prend fin une affaire qui a, pendant quinze jours, captivé la terre entière. 

Angers will not have anymore "its first lady".  French president François Hollande has confirmed that he is separating from his native Angers partner, Valérie Trierweiler after, a fortnight ago, it was revealed that he had an affair with an actress, Julie Gayet. It was said that such a situation was a great shock for Mrs. Trierweiler who was due to enter hospital then a presidential residence for rest. On January 25th evening, she tweeted thanks to the "wondeful staff" at the Elysee palace.

The former first lady is due to go to India with a caritative organization, but in totally private conditions. But on the other hand, she will not be with François Hollande for an official trip to the United States where he will be the guest of president Barack Obama at the White House, a place Mrs Trierweiler visited as partner of Mr. Hollande last year. If Valérie Trierweiler refused to sign the official press release about her split with the president because she wanted him to assume full responsability, nevertheless the financial conditions of the separation were negociated last week. The ex-first lady has been assured by the Paris Match that she could continue to sign chronicles as editor in that magazine and by the former president that she could live in the private appartment in Paris they rented.

For Valérie Trierweiler, a new life now starts. She is 48 and lived with François Hollande since 2007 and her family lives in the Angers Monplaisir quarter. On the following day after the split, the pages dedicated to Mrs. Trierweiler timetable by the Elysée website has only be erased on Sunday morning. A remarkable emotional saga that has captivated the French - and the world - for the last two weeks has now ended.

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