05 January, 2014

The Sunday movies' cathedral service has believers

Angers town centre was very calm on January 5th morning. The Christmas mobile stores of Ralliement square have been removed and the settled shops were closed again. Ordinary Sundays are back. There is nothing to do in down town, except to buy some bread, attend the Saint-Maurice cathedral service or... going to the movies. Apparently, that is one of the most popular leisure of Angers centre inhabitants since the Variétés cinema, located on Foch boulevard, is now shut for good.

The Les 400 Coups are the single place for film-lovers and, with competitive fares, the facility attracts a lot of people. On Sunday, for the 11.00 am performance, a queue was waiting for tickets (€ 4.70 one) from almost the middle of Deux-Haies street and that, as soon as 10.30. They were people of all ages. The screenings had already started when the last viewers sat in the black. What is the most interesting is, in Les 400 Coups, all foreign movies are shown in their original language.

That should raise questions about the ways to revive commercial activity in Angers centre while most of store owners claim that they face difficulties. If, some urban layouts are always possible, will they be sufficient? It's not sure : schedules matching the lifestyle of consumers could be one of the answers. And all do not depend on town council whatever be its political mood.

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