23 January, 2014

Christophe Béchu's troops in order of municipal battle

Christophe Béchu, candidat de l'Ump aux prochaines élections municipales, a présenté son équipe le 23 janvier, ainsi que ses projets et l'état d'esprit qui l'anime. La liste fait une large place à des personnes n'ayant jamais exercé de responsabilités municipales ainsi qu'à des militants centristes. S'il fait valoir que le bilan de 37 annnées sans alternance n'est pas favorable à l'actuelle majorité, M. Béchu ne considère pas pour autant que les choses sont jouées. Il faudra du porte à porte et du bouche à oreille pour convaincre l'électorat de la nécessité de "remettre la ville sur les bons rails".

With the unveiling of his troops, apparently the first of all candidates, two month before the conquest of the city council majority, Christophe Béchu, leader of the list Angers pour vous, clearly intended to mobilize the energy of his team and his supporters who filled the Chanzy theatre on January 23. Mr. Béchu, who urged his followers to spread, by door to door and word of mouth, "the need for change" he feels in Angevins'minds, clearly doesn't consider that the elections are already won.

Fifty four running mates are ready. Less than the half of those people (21) was already involved by Christophe Béchu's side in 2008 against Jean-Claude Antonini, and among them only 12 are Union pour une majorité populaire's members, the others supporting : 12, the Mouvement démocrate, 5 the Union des démocrates indépendants (which are 17 centrists), one coming from a left party. The other half enters in policy for the first time.

It is clear that the proportion of centrists among Mr. Béchu's team indicates the will of that one to win the city council thank to the votes of the christian-democrat electorate. That long time component of Angers political life was helpful to Jean Monnier, the first Angers mayor of the socialist era, Mr. Béchu wants to put an end after "37 years without alternation". The advantage is also to nip Laurent Gérault's (Udi) candidacy in the bud while that one was due to receive the official support of that organization on January 24th.

The programme stakes on the economy and the necessity to decrease expenses. Through his priorities, Christophe Béchu charged the track record of the current city council majority regarding the settlement of companies fueling new jobs what he will change thanks to a reduction of the number of local organizations being responsible with the search of new businesses. He also held out his hand to retail store owners he considers they were victims of a "six years contempt" and promised to lower the fares of car parks with a "no charged first hour".

Regarding his adversaries' schemes, and especially the Maine banks layouts (he wants to realize with the cover of the current speedway) and a new route for the second tramway line, he promised he will not raise taxes and reduce the current debt. He also announced the complete review of scholar schedules, an emblematic reform of the current French government and the implementation of a nocturnal district close to the Saint-Serge square. The Ump's candidate pointed out the seriousness of Angers situation and promised he will "bring it back on the good tracks". His adversary, Christophe Béatse plans to introduce his own team at the end of the month.

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