02 January, 2014

The candidates focus their 2014 wishes on economy and employment

If the New Year has for tradition the expression of wishes, it is also, while 2014 will be an election year, an opportunity for candidates to deliver a friendly and a political message to their supporters and, beyond them, to Angers inhabitants. Frédéric Béatse, Christophe Béchu and Jean-Luc Rotureau seized that chance to talk directly to their followers, and the first, as Angers mayor, is expected to follow a more institutional way through official meetings in Angers districts followed by a likely more political meeting on January 30th in the congress centre. 
In his wishes, Mr. Béatse reminded that Angers got several top rankings for the quality of life last year which were good assets to consider future with optimism even if major issues employment and economy will be his top priorities. In those fields, two schemes will be implemented : the launching of a new facility for cultural companies and the structuration of economic sectors (botanic and electronic) what led the candidate to wish that 2014 be favourable to jobless people. 

Mr. Béchu emphasized the importance of the choice the Angers voters will have to do next March in two ways. First, he pointed out that the city needs "a change in power, a new democratic breathe which puts again the employment and the economic development at the core of the municipal action" and stressed that "the time of computer generated imagery and pharaonical schemes was over" (a clear allusion to the Maine banks settlement) in favour of "reasonable ambitions" (the partial cover of the speed way). 

Jean-Luc Rotureau, who has invited some people to tell their wishes (peace between bikes and cars in Angers, schools having the ability to educate youngs or a place in a nursery for a baby), took an utilitarian standpoint "all who are besides me want to build a municipal platform that is helpful". Until now, Laurent Gérault didn't took the floor for the the New Year wishes but reacted to the last demographic figures regarding Angers and set two priorities (housing and economy). He should involve himself in that exercise next week. 

But, under those wishes there is a certainty : the campaign will be tough. That is only promise Angevins can believe. 

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