07 January, 2014

The estimated 2014 investments look "to high" for the deputy-mayor in charge of finance

The main lines of the Angers 2014 budget have been examined on January 7th by the town council and that budget will probably mark a step. First, because it was the last one introduced by André Despagnet, the deputy-mayor in charge of finances after 37 years in office. Secondly because it is also the last one of the current majority whose term will end next March after the municipal elections. So those financial setting, even passed by town council next month, could be modified later by the town councillors in function after March polls.

André Despagnet
First of all, the main cost items in the capital budget add up to € 28 millions and among those, the new swimming pool AquaVita (€ 11.5 millions) and the Maine banks settlements (€ 6 millions) are the most important. To finance those expenses, Angers city plans to borrow € 38 millions, while last year, that amount was only € 23 millions. According to a financial estimation until 2017, the first twenty cost items would reach € 42 millions what led Mr. Despagnet who will not be member of the futur city council to consider such an amount was "too high".

That project was criticized by Laurent Gérautl and Jean-Luc Rotureau, both of the candidates to mayor office who offered to postpone some of the investments. Frédéric Béatse, current mayor assured that those directions would not deteriorate the finances of the city and they were a signal to investors in Angers.

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