15 January, 2014

The Angers commercial court observed a deterioration for Angers companies in 2013

Credit Pictures : Angers Développement
The demons-tration of angry and sorrow of the former emplo-yees of Les Ardoisières d'Angers, one of the Angers flag compa-nies, closed last year, which took place on January 15th in Paris is, unfortunately, a part of the "disaster" which descended upon the local economy. Figures were revealed by the president of the Angers commercial court, Hervé Tréhard, who presided on the 14th the starting session of the current year. In Maine et Loire, about 600 companies were unable to pay their expenses in 2013, and among them wages, what affects about 2 000 people.

Inside the Maine-et-Loire, the Angers situation is the worse and Mr. Tréhard spoke of an "explosion" and even of a "disaster". It could be assumed that those figures are the consequences of the Angers Technicolor closure. But, unfortunately, it is not true because that company was registered in Nanterre (Hauts de Seine) and depends on the commercial court of that department. More than 320 procedures have been registered in 2013 versus 260 for the previous year in the Angers area.

Analysed by economic sectors, the court notices that the construction industry is facing difficulties because "too much" residential buildings have been erected and a lot of apartments are neither sold or rented. Regarding the retail stores, the court observes that bakeries, cafes, restaurants and even drugstores have closed with a cortege of joblesses. "The reversal of the unemployment curve heads on the top", says Mr. Tréhard, in allusion to the presidential promise. The economic situation will surely be at the core of the municipal campaign even it the powers of the Angers city council are rather restricted.

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