13 January, 2014

Angers, likely collateral victim of a love affair

Valérie Trierweiler
The split between François Hollande, France president, and Valérie Trierweiler, his partner, sounds like a bad news for Angers because that one has her family here. Even if Mrs Trierweiler was not the wife of the French president, even if the "first lady" had no official part but influence, Angers had, through her, a privilegied access to the head of state. After the French president had announced to his partner that he had a love affair with an actress, Julie Gayet, and that he met her in an apartment close to the Elysée palace, Mrs Trierweiler was sent to hospital after the violent emotional schock she received. It is not sure that Valérie Trierweiler will stay at the Elysée and assume the functions of a first lady.

François Hollande
Mrs. Trierweiler, who still has family in Angers, had several times,
came back in her native town to see her relatives, settled in Monplaisir district. On other opportunities, she came for the First shot festival or for the dedication of her book about François Hollande. One year ago for Christmas, the president of French republic, was himself in Angers in his family's partner. According to the world coverage that love affair got, Mr. Hollande saw once again the family of his partner near Paris last year. It is widely said that Mrs. Trierweiler had no idea about the new relationship of Mr. Hollande with Mrs Gayet. Before Mrs Trieweiler, the French president was the partner of Ségolène Royal, of whom he got four children. He had no children with Mrs. Trierweiler.

The book cover of Mrs. Trierweiler's essay about Mr. Hollande
The medical staff which has noticed that Mrs. Trier-weiler's tension was very low after the an-nouncement had ordered a ten days sleep treatment. The future of Valerie Trierweiler with François Hollande looks very uncertain and it seems that the announcement, by Mrs. Trierweiler's staff, of her hospitalization, is more a message sent to Mr. Hollande than French people. According to some reports, Mrs. Trierweiler (herself editor for the French magazine Paris Match) relationship with the Elysée staff failed to win unanimous support. It is not said if the first lady will have rest in Angers.

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