14 July, 2011

The smoke of the National Day

Credit picture Angers city
On the eve of July 14th, national day in France and so in Angers, hundreds of people left their home and gathered along the Maine river in order to see the fireworks. Those are, with the military parades on Resistance and Deportation boulevard in front of the city hall, a tradition in France. But much more numerous was the audience for the fireworks than the military parade. During that one, most of the iron fences set up around the Leclerc square were useless.

People don't look very found of military demonstrations in Angers, and probably all over France. Within a few hours, all the the mobile facilities had disappeared thanks to the workorce of town hall, probably not unhappy to come back home or joining relatives or friends to the firework. The firework is quite the same year after year : the only difference would probably be the budgetary restrictions Angers city has to deal with.

All public demonstrations in Angers were affected by the expenses restrictions but inhabitants looked unaware that fireworks are paid with their own money. And once they have beeen ligthed, the money used forz the show has gone up in smoke...

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