04 July, 2011

The Angers castle rejuvenation works will have to continue with a new visitors' policy

The Angers castle is attacked... by restoration works. These are highly visible since a few days because the West tower, close to the Basse-Chaîne bridge, is now disappearing under the metallic scaffholdings, as if assailants were invading the place. In a way, that is nevertheless what they will do, but with tools and cement in order to redo the joints between the schists assembled from 1230 to 1242...

Those restoration works are the most important undertaken in 2009 by the French culture minister and were due to last almost three years. The budget is 5,2 millions euros. During that period, 15 masons will have worked on about 10 000 m2. The fortifications should have been restored in 2011.

At the same time, the complete repairs of the Logis royal, which started in 2009 because of an accidental fire, are due to be completed before the end of this year. The cost of the work is 8,5 millions euros.

But the Angers inhabitants as well as tourists will discover a rejuvenated monument in the months to come. It would be desirable that the management of such a beautiful place be modernized too. If the native American curator of the Angers castle can't do there a new Dsiney park, nevertheless, she should revise the conditions of reception of visitors. In old monuments, the attack against old policy is probably not the less difficult.

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