06 July, 2011

Naturalist walk in Balzac Park

Credit Angers city
One of the best places for a moment of rest in Angers at the sunset after a warm day is the Balzac Park. Set up about 15 years ago, the growth of its trees gives it all the aspects of a natural space, even if all the parts of the park have been carefully designed. Very near the bottom of the car park, the walker breathes the fragances of fields : the smells of grass mix with the mild wind running above ponds and canals.

A few hundreds meters further, an alley crosses two fields full of flowers the kind many impressionnist artists depicted so beautifully. Near the center of the garden, a little hill has been erected allowing pedestrians to enjoy the sight surrounded by the top of the trees and, to the South, the roofs of the city.

But Balzac parl is also wildlife. It is frequent to see birds gliding in the air looking for fishes in the ponds or dozen of rabbits which vanish in the thickets as soon as people are approaching too close. The park is for being crowded; the calm of the atmosphere is enhancing the pleasure of the sight Coming back to the carpark along the Maine river, the sunset reflects itself on the churches'towers of Angers, like a signal to let the Balzac park to rest for the night.

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