23 July, 2011

The Accroche-coeurs at Eastern time

Credit Angers
A postcard announcing the 2011 edition of Les Accroche-coeurs has recently be sent by the Angers city hall. This event is one of those Angers intended to protect from the budgetarian restrictions it has to face, like many others cities in France, and abroad. Recently, it was said on another blog (Angers Mag) that the Trypique exhibition dedicated to contemporary art will not be set up this year for financial reasons.

The Accroche-coeurs 2011 is introduced by town hall as a way "to extend holidays" (of those who got it) before to face school for some, work for others. If such events can give courage to people : why not if the cost is reasonable? May be Angers community needs to renew a kind of cohesion from time to time.

This year Les Accroche-coeurs are looking to the East, the next (Alsace, Franche-Comté), the Eastern Europe and even the far Eastern countries. Through this event, the city intends to make the people doers of their own rejoicing and to open their minds to other ways of life and of thinking. The Accroche-coeurs salvation is explainable by its popular caracteristic while the Tryptique were a little bit elitist and without any involvment of the public. And that is maybe what organizers and audience are looking for.

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